About assoсiation

On March , 16th, 2011 the decision on creation of the noncommertial organisation - National Association of Exporters of Agricultural Products was made by leading operators of grain market, which export market share for the last 3 years valued over 60% and companies which are carrying out logistical maintenance of export deliveries.

Basic strategic aims of the NAEAP - perfection of an export policy of Russia, the increase in grain export potential, the development of elevator, transport and port infrastructire, maintenance of efficiency and investment appeal of agrarian manufacture.

Now it became obvious that for the dynamic and effective development of grain market the administrative levers are not enough. The decision of this problem demands system of self-managing business, in coupe with a constructive interaction of business in the name of professional associations and government.

The basic functional problem for the NAEAP is to perform of a role of a link between state structures and business community, maintenance of meaningful dialogue and expression of cumulative opinion of the companies – representatives of branch on pressing questions of development of the grain market of Russia.

Grain production is major branch. Its development defines not only availability of bakeries and efficiency of animal industries. Incomes of grain realization form the most part of profit of agricultural manufacturers so grain manufacture must be profitable and effective.

It is now especially important to create conditions for restoration of rates of increase of grain manufacture – one of the basic branches of domestic agriculture which is considered the locomotive of development of agrarian and industrial complex.